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Inflamed and Irritated Tendons

tendonitis treatmentTendonitis is a condition in which a tendon has become irritated and inflamed. Tendons are basically what connect muscles to bones. Tendonitis can occur most anywhere that there is a tendon in your body, some areas are far more common than others, such as the elbows and knees. There are many ways to develop tendonitis, essentially anything that causes irritation to a tendon can cause tendonitis, but repetitive stress is the most common way to develop a tendonitis injury.

The pain associated with tendonitis is typically constant and gets worse with motion of the muscles that are attached to that particular tendon. Tendonitis will usually get progressively worse if left untreated. Our San Jose Chiropractic office specializes in treatment of soft tissue injuries like tendonitis. Along with chiropractic adjustments, we offer cold laser therapy and sound assisted soft tissue mobilization (SASTM) to get truly amazing results with our tendonitis patients.